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Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.

Ecomondo - 2020


An international exhibition with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 3-6, 2020
Rimini Expo Centre
Rimini , Italy

From the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development

All sectors of the circular economy on a single platform

We are the leading show in Mediterranean basin

The benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy on a single platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development.

We support company development

We help companies become world leaders in innovation, promoting the development of an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We foster networking

We enable companies with the most skilled national and international buyers to make contact, and we work all year with a targeted community and the leading experts in the circular economy.

We are growing every year with companies

  • + 23% international visits from 130 countries
  • Attendance figure of 80,930
  • 109,500 sqm gross exhibition area
  • 1,160 exhibitors, 15% from 30 countries worldwide
  • More than 3,500 business meetings
  • More than 150 seminars and conferences, with over 1,000 speakers
  • More than 675 million media contacts
We provide tools and information for company development

We cover the new regulatory priorities in the fields of research, innovation and training in a professional environment; in partnership with industrial associations, ministries, research institutions, the European Commission, the OECD, European technological platforms and international initiatives.

Together, we design a better future

We are the only platform in Europe to offer a broad programme of conferences, workshops and seminars to present national and international evidence and new trends relating to the various strands of the circular economy, including building, packaging, electronics and the automotive industry.

We take your company all over the world and bring the whole world to your company

We organise matchmaking activities with international buyers at the show, workshops with experts to help companies develop new international business, and events and technical symposia in the main markets of interests to companies: the Balkans, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Germany, the UK, Greece, Macedonia, Morocco, Egypt, Oman, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, the US, Turkey and Russia.

We make ideas circular

We propose a broad programme of international meetings attended by innovative companies and world-renowned researchers to provide updates on innovation and disseminate best practices.

Discover the focus points for 2019

We are a permanent workshop of ideas, solutions and opportunities

Every year, we present the new priorities in legislation/regulation, research and training in relation to the circular economy, the new processes including 4.0 and products relating to its adoption in industry and in cities and regions.
Specifically, in partnership with industrial associations, ministries and other institutions, research institutions, the European Commission and the OECD, we examine and discuss the main new developments, needs, critical issues and opportunities in the re-use and valorisation of the main forms of electronic and biological (including waste water), alternative raw materials and industrial eco-design, the reclamation and requalification of contaminated sites, including marine areas, and the bio-economy.

We oversee the whole circular economy value chain

From eco-design and efficiency to the re-use and valorisation of raw materials and energy, transport, the reclamation and requalification of contaminated sites (including marine areas), we foster international networking and company growth on all markets worldwide.

We cover:

Waste and resources

  • Services for the management and integrated valorisation of waste
  • Technologies and equipment for the treatment of urban and industrial waste
  • Equipment and vehicles for waste collection and transport
  • Waste systems and containers
  • Waste handling and lifting machinery and equipment
  • Eco-design and new materials
  • Repair and restore services

Find out more

Circular bio-economy

  • Bio-based industry
  • Bioenergy
  • Agrifood & Blue growth

Find out more

Reclamation and hydrogeological risk

  • Reclamation and requalification of contaminated sites
  • Hydrogeological risk and disaster prevention

Find out more


  • Integrated water cycle
  • Monitoring and digitisation: water, air, soil

Find out more


Key Energy, the 'Energy transition hub', is held at the same time as Ecomondo, and is the show for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and applications. In addition, since 2009, Ecomondo has showcased an ideal model of the Sustainable City, within one of the spaces exhibiting urban development models, technological solutions, projects and mobility plans that improve citizens’ quality of life and promote sustainable development in regions.

Visit the Key Energy website

Want to exhibit? Here are 5 good reasons to do so:
  • Establish new contacts
    • Meetings with potential national and international customers
    • Opportunities to speak at conferences and seminars
    • Matchmaking with selected buyers
    • Networking during workshops and events
  • Develop new business
    • Contacts at the stand with new visitors
    • Discussions with a wide range of professional interested in your innovations and technologies
    • Meetings with experts for the development of new businesses
    • Scouting for new customers
  • Publicise your brand
    • Opportunities to sponsor Ecomondo conventions at the show
    • Opportunities to organise a conference, a workshop and a seminar
    • Attend Ecomondo events worldwide
    • Visibility of your brand on all our Ecomondo communication channels: website, newsletter, social channels, publications
  • Develop international business
    • Matchmaking with international buyers
    • Attend international events at the show and the events we organise in the main international markets of interest to companies
    • International contacts with top experts and opinion leaders
    • Opportunities to sponsor Ecomondo international conferences
  • Become an innovation leader
    • Talk about your innovations at conventions and seminars
    • Attend or organise themed exhibitions
    • Present your technologies and innovative ideas on the Ecomondo website and at the show
    • Meet start-ups and plan business with them
    • Talk to our scientific committee to design the future of the circular economy together

The value of belonging to the Ecomondo community

  • Get to know the latest technological developments and international best practices
  • Meet opinion leaders and the most innovative entrepreneurs in the circular economy
  • Find solutions and improve your company’s efficiency
  • Talk to the circular economy’s leading experts: scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, managers
  • Find out about the latest international regulations
  • Gain a vision of the future
  • Network with all green & circular economy professionals
  • Get training and boost your expertise
  • Attend conventions and international conferences
  • Find new ideas and inspiration

Discover the new themes

Ecomondo is the only platform in Europe to offer a broad programme of conferences, workshops and seminars to present international evidence and new trends relating to the various strands of the circular economy, including building, packaging, electronics and the automotive industry.

At the next edition, we will talk about:

  • Economic transition
  • Circular economy: new trends and visions; role of the Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP) in disseminating circular economy knowledge and best practices; new management options and assessment tools to speed up the transition to the circular economy; EPR and the circular economy for the textile-clothing value chain
  • The role of industrial symbiosis to prevent waste generation
  • Industry 4.0 technology for safer, more sustainable industry
  • Advanced packaging: new national survey on innovation in the sector
  • The plastics value chain in municipal waste management: comparison of best practices at international level
  • Life Programme: innovation in the green and circular economy sectors (with a focus on re-use, repair and refit)
  • From separated collection to recycling: not just secondary raw materials but also special waste
  • Water and agriculture – sustainable and resilient integrated management and re-use
  • Water and waste – sewage sludge management
  • Water and health –  bathing safety plans
  • Water and regulations – innovation and barriers in regulation
  • Water, infrastructure and industry – digital transition and technological innovation for the integrated optimisation of the urban and industrial water cycle
  • The Agrifood Cluster: a public-private partnership supporting the bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable agri-food sector.
  • Green New Deal: the strategy from field to fork
  • Regulations, raw materials and transformation in biobased industry
  • Industrial flagships supporting the Italian bioeconomy
  • Soil productivity and health
  • Architecture and nature: green building, forest bioeconomy, eco-design
  • National Biomethane Platform
  • Management and re-use of sediments in coastal areas from coastal sources, ports and reservoirs, for sustainable blue growth
  • Healthy and circular blue growth in Italy’s seas
  • Marine litter in the Mediterranean
  • The Bluemed Pilot Initiative: the strategy developed by plastics manufacturers and the region’s operators
  • Geotechnical monitoring of works for territorial defence and environmental protection
  • Innovative geotechnical solutions related to sediment and sludge management
  • From safety measures to the reclamation of contamination sources: new characterisation and intervention technologies in the Italian context compared with the international experience
  • Odour emissions: from abatement technologies to new control strategies
  • Atmospheric pollution: the situation, control measures, risks and prevention policies
  • Indoor air quality: from an invisible issue to an emerging issue for the country’s competitiveness: the legislative framework, the current state of knowledge and preventive health measures
  • Health Impact Assessments (HIA) in Italy and in Europe
  • Waste management in light of the transposition of EU directives
  • First and likely effects of waste management regulations for companies

Ecomondo’s events programme is an opportunity to rally the managers of multinational groups, technicians, experts and researchers, and bring them together with the leading experts, scientists and opinion leaders of the various sectors.

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